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Twin Ponds

  • Snelgrove Hall: Recreation, Meeting and Multi Purpose Facility
  • Registration Building: Main Office, Storage Facility
  • Dining Hall/Fireside Lounge:
  • 10 Cabins: Can accommodate an average of 30 campers each
  • 1 Guest Cottage
  • Canteen
  • Playground/Recreation Area
  • Mini Golf
  • Bowling
  • Ball Field
  • Swimming Area
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Fire Pit
  • Walking Trails

Camp Starrigan

  • Auditorium: Recreation, Meeting and Multi-Purpose Facility 
  • Registration Building: Main Office, Nurse's Station, Kitchenette and Canteen Facility
  • Dining Hall: Can seat up to 150
  • 9 Cabins: Can accommodate up to 20 campers each (includes showers/washrooms)
  • Guest Cottage
  • Central Shower/Bathroom Facility
  • Ball Field
  • Campfire Pit
  • Playground
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Walking Trail
  • Swimming Pond

Whether planning a large or small group event (over 20), Camp Starrigan and Twin Ponds are great sites to retreat. Both locations have abolutely breathtaking scenery, facilities to accommodate a wide range of activities and friendly staff that will make your experience one you'll never forget.